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Sunday Lessons

Readings from the Sunday Lectionary can be found on the site called "The Lectionary Page".

Click the following link to see the lectionary calendar and follow Track I.

The site contains collect prayers and readings for every Sunday of the Christian year, as well as readings for Special Feasts of our Lord including saints and noted Christians.  The preceding Sunday Lessons are based on the Revised Common Lectionary.   A Lectionary is a schedule of readings that reoccur for Sunday services. In this case, the readings reoccur every three years: Year A, B, and C.  Within each year (A, B, & C) the the Lectionary is subdivided based on the Christian Calendar and the seasons of the Christian year.

The Seasons of the Christian year are:
Advent (4 Sundays)                          (4 Sundays prior to Christmas)
Christmas (12 Days)                         (Christmas Eve through Jan. 5th)
The Season after Epiphany              (Jan. 6th through Ash Wednesday)
Lent (5 Sundays)                               (Ash Wednesday through Palm Sunday)
Holy Week                                          (Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday)
Easter (7 Sundays)                            (Easter Vigil [the Saturday night before Easter Sunday 
through Pentecost Sunday)
The Season after Pentecost             (Also called Propers-from Pentecost Sunday until the end of the Christian year in Nov.)