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At All Saints, we provide opportunities for our youth to nurture their gifts in the church environment.  Youth are encouraged to participate in worship, just as any member of the church is encouraged.  We enable our youth to become leaders in the church serving at the altar with clergy and other lay ministers as acolytes (servers).  Acolytes serve in our worship as crucifers, torch bearers, gospel bearers, and servers.                

Lay readers (confirmed youth)
Church youth frequently serve as lay readers. Lectors read from the Old and New Testament during Sunday Worship.    

Junior Daughters of the King (girls 8 and older)
This prayer, evangelism, and service order is given to the young ladies of our parish family to help them along in their walk with God.  The Jr. DOK empowers young girls to pray and serve as God commands, and to spread the Good News of their faith in Jesus Christ.